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band James.After

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Perhaps one of each might be in order?It was love at first sight and just the look I had originally wanted to go for.Which is exactly what Bride Aimee did when it came to her July 2009 wedding to Husband James.After going to The Farsley Bridal I found this one.

They are such a lovely couple and their photography spoke for itself.We will be doing an ‘Ask Zoe’ advice page, we have MSLive TV, we have lots of events and collaborations planned for this year.

amp;quot;And that was on 16 August, which left less than 2 months for this Bride to get her dress sorted!After all, so may show some signs of age this is what adds character to your headdress or accessory"You have to go and look at Jo's beautiful designs, especially now, because Jo is running a 20% off her 'Original Vintage' collection, until 31 July click here.
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